Jessica Levman Studios is an oasis. Set in a private studio on a ravine bordering beautiful Casa Loma, the studio offers a variety of programs by appointment only, designed to restore the mind and body, including Massage Therapy, Yoga and Art Therapy, all under the direct supervision of Jessica Levman.

Jessica Levman is a Registered Massage Therapist. She has diverse experience in health, art, creativity and learning, including fifteen years of experience practicing and teaching yoga and meditation. Jessica, who holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Fine Arts, is also a working artist and has been teaching art for many years. She works with each person individually and holistically, integrating yoga/meditation and mindfulness, massage therapy, postural awareness and creative expression to promote healing, deep relaxation, creativity and balance.



Jessica offers three types of Massage Therapy: Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic Massage, and Massage and Yoga.

Relaxation Massage relaxes and balances the body. It relieves stress, muscle tension and fatigue. It can reduce pain, improve circulation and promote deep relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage can address sports injuries, scar tissue and chronic pain. It can include breast, abdominal and pregnancy massage.

Massage and Yoga integrates massage therapy and yoga. Each session combines a massage therapy treatment with personal instruction in yoga postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditative awareness designed specifically for each client. The goal is to develop a daily yoga practice that one can do at home to increase body awareness, decrease stress, and improve flexibility, circulation and well-being.

Please note that Jessica Levman Studios can issue insurance receipts for each session of Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic Massage, and Massage and Yoga.


The Studio also provides individual instruction in yoga and meditation to increase mindfulness, body awareness, flexibility, relaxation and overall well-being. Each program is personalized for each client’s personal needs and body.


Art Instruction and Art Therapy develop and free inner creativity. Creative expression promotes wellness and life balance. Open to all ages, including children and youth, and to all levels, from beginner to advanced, art instruction and art therapy include drawing, painting and printmaking.


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